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Did you know?

It takes approximately 18 months to grow a pineapple.

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Growing a Pineapple

Once your sweet Maui Gold® pineapple is just a delicious memory, you can grow your own pineapple plant and enjoy this delectable fruit again in about 18 months.

What You'll Need:

• The crown (top) of the pineapple
• A pint canning jar or other glass container
• A 12-inch diameter pot
• Potting soil that drains well

Planting Directions:

• Cut the crown from the pineapple just above where the stem comes out of the top of the body
• Remove any of the fruity part of the pineapple from the crown
• Pull off the outer leaves of the crown, leaving 6 to 8 big leaves near the center
• Set this shoot aside for 2-3 days to dry out
• Put the shoot in water (about 1/2-inch deep; water shouldn't touch the leaves)
• Place it in a bright spot out of direct sunlight for a few weeks to encourage roots to develop
• After you see the roots beginning to grow, transplant the crown to a medium-size pot containing soil that drains well
• Place the pot in a bright location and water your plant daily
• Once the young plant is established, pour a cupful of well-balanced, diluted, water-soluble liquid fertilizer into the top of the plant once a month.

Your plant should develop a red bud after about 12 months. From this stage, the pineapple fruit will begin to develop and in three to six months, it should be ready to enjoy!


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